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New Media Comedy presents the most unusual love story of all time. Gail is human. Her new boyfriend is not. Can a woman and a ventriloquist’s dummy find true love in NYC? Check out Amanda Nicholas and her co-star “Jack” as they give you a taste of the RomCom as you’ve never seen it before!





Some Relationships Never End… Some Wounds Never Heal.

From writer director Jim Mendrinos, adapted from the play of the same name, SYZYGY is the story of heartbreak, expectations, and the chance to revisit what never was. A psychological drama of two former best friends who’s lives intersect after a decade apart. Can they help each other through this moment or are they destined to split apart?  


“Living in Exile just might be the best funniest show I’ve ever seen.” – Chris Rock, Comedian, Actor, Producer

Being a middle-aged man thrust back into the single life after a long marriage is frightening, poignant, and dead on funny. Dimitri Katsopolous is newly single and navigating the pitfalls of single life in the big city. Out of shape, out of touch with the new technology, and out of his league with the women he meets, Dimitri struggles to rebuild his life as he reinvents himself. Will he get over the heartbreak with Anna? Will he find new love? Will he ever cease to be amazed by the onslaught of semi-nude text pictures he receives? The only way to find out is to watch on www.amazomnprime.com
Created by and featuring Jim Mendrinos, Living in Exile is produced by New Media Comedy and was shot on location in New York City and LA. It features a bevy of comedians and comedy actors in this funny, smart, and dead on look at mid-life revisited.


N & M



Amanda Nicholas & Jim Mendrinos, collectively N&M are a popular sketch comedy Duo on Instagram. A powerhouse of social commentary, N&M not only looks at the perils of modern life, but also takes down every Icon imaginable.

 New releases every Friday on Instagram, @NewMediaComedy, N&M is a pop culture assassin which is much needed in today’s world.


Comedy Therapy



Part game show, part comedy concert, and part psychological analysis, COMEDY THERAPY  is the funniest way to get over your issues. A rotating panel of deeply disturbed comedic minds may not give you the advice you need but they will absolutely give you advise you will laugh at!